Thursday, October 25, 2012

podcast - break my body, hold my bones

leg bone connected to the... Play List:
Messer Chups - "Boys in Skeleton Costumes" from Zombie Shopping
Zombina and the Skeletones - "Meteorite" from VA: Innocence Is Bliss
Goons of Doom - "Skeleton Teeth" from Revenge of the Goons
Quasi - "The Skeleton" from Field Studies
Elf Power - "Skeleton" from The Winter is Coming
Tiny Masters of Today - "Skeleton" from Skeleton
Helium - "Skeleton" from The Dirt of Luck
Red Aunts - "Skeleton Hand" from Ghetto Blasters
Black Time - "Skeleton Factory" from Double Negative
Rasputina - "A Skeleton Bang" from VA: Colours Are Brighter
Pit Er Pat - "Skeletons" from Pyramids
Bobby Hackett's Band - "Skeleton Jangle" from VA: Dr. Jazz Vol. 10
Putney Dandrige - "The Skeleton in the Closet" from Halloween Classics: Songs That Scared the Bloomers Off Your Great-Grandma
The Pine Box Boys - "Mr. Skeleton" from STAB!
NYM - "Skeleton" from Warm Blooded Lizard
Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton - "Mostly Waving (Todor K Remix)" from What Is Free To A Good Home?
XTC - "Poor Skeleton Steps Out" from Oranges and Lemons
The Idle Race - "The Skeleton And the Roundabout" from Back to the Story
Vampires United - "Spooky Skelton Song" from Halloween Haunted Horror Music
Louis Armstrong - "Skeleton in the Closet" from VA: Hipster Halloween

Download this show: pat_radio_Oct_26_2012.mp3

Skeleton cartoon shamelessly stolen from this web site.

Friday, October 19, 2012

podcast - sometimes you just have to let go of the result

this toilet doesn't work anymore Play List:
Andre Williams - "Blame It On Obama" from Life
Obama and Dan Warren - "Chapter 5 The Fall" from Son of Strelka, Son of God
The LimiƱanas - "Crystal Anis" from Crystal Anis
Kid Koala - "2 bit blues" from 12 Bit Blues
Blueprint - "Packt Like..." from Deleted Scenes
The Town Monster - "Cornfield" from New Life
Mi-Gu - "Spider" from Choose the Light
Quintron & Miss Pussycat - "Shoplifter" from Swamp Tech
Cobra Killer - "Chemie Des Alltags" from 76/77
Liliput - "Die Martosen" from Girl Monster
Nervosas - "Junkie" from 7"
Thee Oh Sees - "Lupine Dominus" from Putrifiers II
The Girls - "Say Yes" from Rodney 7"
Divine Fits - "Baby Get Worse" from A Thing Called Divine Fits
Saintseneca - "Only The Young Die Good (Alternative Version)" from EP
David Byrne & St. Vincent - "Optimist" from Love This Giant

toilet picture shamelessly stolen from this website.

Download: pat_radio_Oct_19_2012.mp3

Thursday, October 4, 2012

little bit of fun's never been an insurrection

here come the dinosaurs Live songs from The Girls! and brief chat with Ryan, Raeghan, Ben and Joey from The Girls! I've already used up my allotment of exclamation points for 2012.

Play List:
Don B with The Girls! - "Batman"
The Girls! - "Rodney"
The Girls! - "Take Your Feelings and Go"
The Girls! - "Radio"
The Girls! - "Sophomore" all songs recorded live at Used Kids, Sept 29, 2012
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - "Don't Call The Cops" from 7"
HEXERS - "This Little Feeling" from This Little Feeling
Jovan Karcic - "Smoking Fungus 10.5.10" from 2010
Tom Tom Club - "As Above, So Below" from Tom Tom Club
Sinkane - "Runnin'" from VA: songs to burn & sing
The Fall - "New Big Prinz" from I Am Kurious Oranj
Rocket From The Tombs - "Final Solution Rftt" from Rocket Redux
David Thomas and Wooden Birds - "The Velikovsky 2-Step" from Blame The Messenger

Download this: pat_radio_Oct_5_2012.mp3