Thursday, February 28, 2013

podcast - Eric Wrong of Hexers

Eric Wrong of Hexers is the special guest this week. He picks a stunning mix of local favorites and vintage, hard-to-find garage pop. Don't miss the Hexers release show with Dead Girlfriends and the Dirty Biscuits tomorrow night at Ace of Cups.

Play List:
Hexers - "Hurtin' Kind" from Hurtin' Kind 7"
The Dirty Biscuits - "Run On Home" from
The Patsys - "Third Finger, Left Hand" from On The 13th Kick
Comrade Question - "Blackout" from Daydreamers
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - "Rock Bottom" unreleased
Night Family - "Wahalla" from Wahalla single
Ohio Noise Machine - "Black to Comm" from Bite the Bullet
The Cynics - "No Place to Hide" from 7"
The Cynics - "I Need More" from Spinning Wheel Motel
Timmy's Organism - "Cats On The Moon" from Raw Sewage Roq
True Sons of Thunder - "Blood Clot" from True Sounds of Thunder
Cheater Slicks - "Reality is a Grape" from Reality is a Grape
The Cramps - "Five Years Ahead of My Time" from 7"
Wreckless Eric - "I Need a Situation" from Hit or Miss Judy 12"
The Balloon Farm - "A Question of Temperature" from 7"
Blues Magoos - "Pipe Dream" from Electric Comic Book
Syndicate of Sound - "Get Outta My Life" from A Collection of Rare and Unreleased Tracks...
Devil's Angels Soundtrack - "Devil's Angels (instrumental)" from Devil's Angels Soundtrack

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Feb_28_2013.mp3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

podcast - Lost Weekend Records 10th Anniversary

Kyle from Lost Weekend Records picks the tracks this week. Don't miss two nights of awesome music at Ace of Cups this weekend as Lost Weekend Records celebrates 10 of years vinyl commerce.

Play List:
Hello Heartless - "Monster"
Dave Bryan - "Down Descent on Auricia" from Synthesis
Willie Phoenix and the Shadow Lords - "Sneakin' Sneakers" from We Love Noise
Braniac - "Get Away" from Smack Baby Smack
V3 - "Another Exterminator Eaten by Bugs" from Monsters of Hollywood
Nasli Hovsepian - "Reba's Face" from 7"
Barton, Kyle and Friends - "Devil's Payroll" from Hillside Sessions
Mealworms - "September" from Radio Cabinet Rabbit Hutch
Second State Butchers - "Fear" from 7"
Connections - "Cul de Sac" from Tough City
Eye - "Backdoor Jane" from 7"
Gaunt - "Mixed Metals" from Bricks and Blackouts

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Feb_21_2013.mp3