Saturday, November 3, 2012

podcast - nick schuld picks the platters that matter

it's a tarot card Play List:
The Obviouslies - "adlnr" from unreleased
Low Men - "F.T.S. / Worsening" from Low Men
Nervosas - "Point Of No Return (final mix)" from unreleased
Lydia Loveless - "Blind (Ke$ha cover)" from live at comfest 2011
Cell Phones - "Track 04" from Pre-Release CD-R
Nature Boys - "Rabies" from 7"
Neon Piss - "Bullet In The Back" from Neon Piss
pretty pretty - "Heart Aches" from Demo
Estée Louder - "Dead By Dawn" from Scraps
Merchandise - "In Nightmare Room" from Children Of Desire
Dreams in Hell - "Drowning In Existence" from Chiroptophilia
Night Birds - "Squad Car" from Fresh Kills Vol. 1
Spacer Ace - "The Shitty Side of Mars" from myspace
Chomp - "Mind Rape" from Buddha Jabba Momma
Black Puddle Noise - "Staring at the Echoes" from Black Puddle Noise
Hexers - "Hurtin Kind (Bittersweets Version) (rough mix_unfinished)" from soon to be released

Download this show: pat_radio_Nov_2_2012.mp3

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