Wednesday, May 20, 2015

podcast - Craig Bell, John D Morton, and X__X

Craig Bell and John D Morton join me on the phone to discuss their musical history and recent collaboration as the reborn X__X. We also hear a track from their new EP, Albert Ayler’s Ghosts: Live at the Yellow Ghetto, due out in November.

Play List:
Hexers - Damnation from Hexers / Angry Cougars split 7”
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - “Destroy You” from Guts 7”
Mr. Tiger - “Ancient Rome” from Columbus Blood comp, 2015
The Saucers - “Mirrors” from What We Did
The Down-Fi - “Godot” from Beehunter
The Electric Eels - “Agitated” from Die Electric Eels
Mirrors - “Frustration” from Something That Would Never Do
X__X - “A. (45 Version)” from X Sticky Fingers X
Albert Ayler Trio - “Ghosts: Variation 1” from Spiritual Unity
X__X - “Transmography” from Albert Ayler’s Ghosts: Live at the Yellow Ghetto

Download this podcast: pat_radio_May_22.mp3

Thursday, April 30, 2015

podcast - Brian Koscho, Nelsonville Fest Preview, Used Kids Party

Brian Koscho, Marketing Director for Stuart's Opera House, joins me via phone to discuss the 2015 Nelsonville Music Festival, which is less than a month away, people! Get your tickets at

Connections - “Cruise Control” from Into Sixes
Ezra Furman - “Restless Year” from Perpetual Motion People
Black Lips - “Drive-by Buddy” from Underneath the Rainbow
Oblivians - “Oblivion” from Desperation
Bassholes - "Supersonic Blues" from Boogieman Stew
Wooden Indian Burial Ground - “Sparklerella” from Wooden Indian Burial Ground
Howard - “Song About Something” (single)
Adam Torres - “Dusty Wing Spirit” from Nostra Nova
San Fermin - “Parasites” from Jackrabbit
St. Vincent - “Prince Johnny” from St. Vincent
Hurray for the Riff Raff - “Ode to John and Yoko” from Lookout Mama
Elephant Revival - “Birds and Stars” from These Changing Skies
Ryley Walker - “Sweet Satisfaction” from Primrose Green
Good English - “The Fire Walk” from 2015 demos - bandcamp
Natural Child - “Firewater Liquor” from Dancin’ with Wolves
Built to Spill - “Never Be The Same” from Untethered Moon

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_30.mp3

Thursday, April 23, 2015

podcast - Kyle Sowash is at Arby's

This time Kyle Sowash meets me at an Arby's on West Broad Street. We talk about the Kyle Sowashes new record called Everybody. Kyle picks some great tunes. We eat curly fries, slurp our sodas and try to ignore the really loud country music in the background.

Play List:
The Kyle Sowashes - “Regional Supervisor” from Everybody
The Kyle Sowashes - “King Shit of Fuck Mountain” from Everybody
The Kyle Sowashes - “Richmond VA” from Everybody
Earwig - “Cinema East” from Perfect Past Tense
The Whiles - “Emily” from Color of the Year
The Cabdrivers - “Dirty Blankets” from It’s Yours!
Buzzcocks - “Promises” from Love Bites
Superchunk - “Saving My Ticket” from Foolish
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Lariat” from Wigout at Jagbags
Kiizzy Hall - “Baskin'” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Karl Hendricks Trio - “Coming in September” from A Gesture of Kindness
Frank Black and the Catholics - “Back to Rome” from Frank Black and the Catholics
Human Cannonball - “Chains” from Let’s Be Friends
The American Flag - “We've Finally Found Me from The American Flag
Boston Spaceships - “Keep Me Down” from Planets are Blasted
The Mice - “Bye Bye Kitty Cat" from Scooter

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_24.mp3

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

podcast - Pat Dull, Columbus Blood comp, 2015

Pat Dull of Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars and Breakup Records joins us this week to talk about the second edition of the Columbus Blood compilation, due to drop on Record Store Day this Saturday. He picks a bunch of massively cool tracks to play as well, so listen up!

Play List:
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - “Over and Over Again” from Blood Lust
Wussy - “Runaway” (Jenny May cover) from We Used to Drink Together vol. 1
Viv Albertine - “I Want More” from The Vermillion Border
Big Eyes - “Nothing You Could Say” from Almost Famous
Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars - “Guts” from 7”
Sheer Magg - “What You Want” from 7”
The Number Ones - “Sharon Shouldn’t’ from The Number Ones
Jabber - “Maybe Next Year” from Too Many Babes (single)
Hollywood Stars - “King of the Night Time World” from Shine Like a Radio
Cheap Trick - “He’s a Whore” from Cheap Trick
The Yum Yums - “It’s Gonna Be a Hit” from Blame It on the Boogie
The Pretty Things - “Come See Me” from Midnight to Six
Psychic Wheels - “Spree” from Columbus Blood compilation, 2015
Good Throb - “Acid House” from Fuck Off
Really Red - “Prostitution” from Teaching You the Fear
Modern Machines - “Flash infatuation” from Take It, Somebody!
Martin Luther Lennon - “Kill Kill Kill” from Music for a World Without Limitations
Manda and the Marbles - “Reputation” from Rock’s Not Dead

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_15.mp3

Saturday, February 21, 2015

podcast - Paul Nini (Old3C), Kyle Siegrist (Lost Weekend Records)

Special guests this week are Paul Nini of Old3C records and Kyle Siegrist of Lost Weekend Records. Both Paul and Kyle talk about the 50 @ 50 comp that is out now on Old3C, and Kyle hypes his anniversary show at Ace of Cups and upcoming Lost Weekend Records vinyl releases.

Play List:
Planktones - “Down in Flames” (Deadboys Cover) from 50 @ 50
Obnox - “Symbol Crash” from 50 @ 50
Sin Shouters - “Down With Whatever Tonight” from 50 @ 50
Closet Mix - “NY Minuto (Hugh Are You?)” from 50 @ 50
Obvioslies - “Doin’ Loops” from 50 @ 50
Randall Douglas Matson - “No One Wants the Truth” from Victory for a Dunce
House of Brunettes - “Got My TV On” from LIFE
(((reverbalines))) - “Okey-Doke” from 50 @ 50
Driftmouth - “Meadow in the Dark” from Demos
Second State Butchers - “Mound City” from Columbus Blood 2
Day Creeper - “Luxury Condominiums” from Central States
The Main Street Gospel - “Back to Me” from Eye of the Sky single
Psychic Wheels - “Same To You” from upcoming Lost Weekend Records single
Truman Carter - "Full Mile Just Under a Minute" from 50 @ 50
Sue Harshe - "50 Seconds over Ohio" from 50 @ 50
Bim Walker - "Nostalgia" from 50 @ 50
Nate Farley - "A Little Bit More" from 50 @ 50
Yo La Tengo - "Suspirica" from 50 @ 50
The Cabdrivers - "Troubled Teen Mantra" from It's Yours!

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Feb_20.mp3

Monday, January 19, 2015

podcast - Joel Treadway of

Joel Treadway picks the tunes this time and talks about the history of the Live Shows Calendar and

Play List:
Tim Easton - “Goody Boy” from More than a Saturday
The Hairy Patt Band - “Crusty Girl” from Live at Bernie's
Pica Huss - “GIGGLSD”
Pretty Mighty Mighty - “Still Fucked” from v1.0
Bigfoot - “Xenia In My Mind” from v1.0
Moviola - “Green Wood” from v2.0
Silo the Huskie - “D-C-G” from v1.0
Bob City - “Ghostship” from v2.0
Silencio - “10en” from v3.0
The Evil Queens - “Can’t Help It” from v3.0
Brainbow - “Great Revealer” from Brainbow II
Time and Temperature - “Fires Fair” from Trade
The Girls! - “Sophomore” from Let’s Not Be Friends
Envelope - “Clippers Vs. Yankees” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
Jordan O' Jordan - “Fingers Sprouting Feathers”
Kizzy Hall - “Forever Be” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Ipps - “U Need 2 Bleed” from Everything is Real
The Squares - “Real Brooklyn Killers” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
The Means - “Primitive” from Vil/Viol
Clay - “Sex Pot Stew” from Stories Of Kirk And His Fiat (And A Buffalo Grass Woman, Hester)
The Lindsay - “Abigail Folger” from Dragged Out

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_19.mp3

Friday, January 9, 2015

podcast - We Used to Drink Together comp, vol 1

Sean Woosley and J.R. Fisher guest this week and talk about the various artist compilation they are putting out on We Used To Drink Together Records, appropriately titled We Used To Drink Together, Volume 1.

Play List:
Jenny Mae - "Not Another Bad Year"
Total Foxx - "Toothless and Vile"
WV White - "Hayes Colony"
Odd Vocado - "Golden Boy"
Bygones - "Take Me Along Sometime"
American Male Giant Squid - "Cabin"
Sovroncourt - "It's Happening"
Will Foster - "Super Willin'"
Country Death - "Fold Your Hands"
Grandpa Egg - "Dandelions"
Woosley Band - "The New Syndrome Advertisement" from 40 Ways Along the Sea
Woosley Band - "Split-up at the Towers" from 40 Ways Along the Sea
Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine - "North Korean Worm (#91)" from 7" split with Duffy and the Beer Slayers
Ipps - "Goawa" from Everything is Real
Eye - "Cultrider" from Second Sight

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_5.mp3