Thursday, April 23, 2015

podcast - Kyle Sowash is at Arby's

This time Kyle Sowash meets me at an Arby's on West Broad Street. We talk about the Kyle Sowashes new record called Everybody. Kyle picks some great tunes. We eat curly fries, slurp our sodas and try to ignore the really loud country music in the background.

Play List:
The Kyle Sowashes - “Regional Supervisor” from Everybody
The Kyle Sowashes - “King Shit of Fuck Mountain” from Everybody
The Kyle Sowashes - “Richmond VA” from Everybody
Earwig - “Cinema East” from Perfect Past Tense
The Whiles - “Emily” from Color of the Year
The Cabdrivers - “Dirty Blankets” from It’s Yours!
Buzzcocks - “Promises” from Love Bites
Superchunk - “Saving My Ticket” from Foolish
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Lariat” from Wigout at Jagbags
Kiizzy Hall - “Baskin'” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Karl Hendricks Trio - “Coming in September” from A Gesture of Kindness
Frank Black and the Catholics - “Back to Rome” from Frank Black and the Catholics
Human Cannonball - “Chains” from Let’s Be Friends
The American Flag - “We've Finally Found Me from The American Flag
Boston Spaceships - “Keep Me Down” from Planets are Blasted
The Mice - “Bye Bye Kitty Cat" from Scooter

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Apr_24.mp3

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