Monday, January 19, 2015

podcast - Joel Treadway of

Joel Treadway picks the tunes this time and talks about the history of the Live Shows Calendar and

Play List:
Tim Easton - “Goody Boy” from More than a Saturday
The Hairy Patt Band - “Crusty Girl” from Live at Bernie's
Pica Huss - “GIGGLSD”
Pretty Mighty Mighty - “Still Fucked” from v1.0
Bigfoot - “Xenia In My Mind” from v1.0
Moviola - “Green Wood” from v2.0
Silo the Huskie - “D-C-G” from v1.0
Bob City - “Ghostship” from v2.0
Silencio - “10en” from v3.0
The Evil Queens - “Can’t Help It” from v3.0
Brainbow - “Great Revealer” from Brainbow II
Time and Temperature - “Fires Fair” from Trade
The Girls! - “Sophomore” from Let’s Not Be Friends
Envelope - “Clippers Vs. Yankees” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
Jordan O' Jordan - “Fingers Sprouting Feathers”
Kizzy Hall - “Forever Be” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Ipps - “U Need 2 Bleed” from Everything is Real
The Squares - “Real Brooklyn Killers” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
The Means - “Primitive” from Vil/Viol
Clay - “Sex Pot Stew” from Stories Of Kirk And His Fiat (And A Buffalo Grass Woman, Hester)
The Lindsay - “Abigail Folger” from Dragged Out

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_19.mp3

Friday, January 9, 2015

podcast - We Used to Drink Together comp, vol 1

Sean Woosley and J.R. Fisher guest this week and talk about the various artist compilation they are putting out on We Used To Drink Together Records, appropriately titled We Used To Drink Together, Volume 1.

Play List:
Jenny Mae - "Not Another Bad Year"
Total Foxx - "Toothless and Vile"
WV White - "Hayes Colony"
Odd Vocado - "Golden Boy"
Bygones - "Take Me Along Sometime"
American Male Giant Squid - "Cabin"
Sovroncourt - "It's Happening"
Will Foster - "Super Willin'"
Country Death - "Fold Your Hands"
Grandpa Egg - "Dandelions"
Woosley Band - "The New Syndrome Advertisement" from 40 Ways Along the Sea
Woosley Band - "Split-up at the Towers" from 40 Ways Along the Sea
Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine - "North Korean Worm (#91)" from 7" split with Duffy and the Beer Slayers
Ipps - "Goawa" from Everything is Real
Eye - "Cultrider" from Second Sight

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_5.mp3