Monday, January 19, 2015

podcast - Joel Treadway of

Joel Treadway picks the tunes this time and talks about the history of the Live Shows Calendar and

Play List:
Tim Easton - “Goody Boy” from More than a Saturday
The Hairy Patt Band - “Crusty Girl” from Live at Bernie's
Pica Huss - “GIGGLSD”
Pretty Mighty Mighty - “Still Fucked” from v1.0
Bigfoot - “Xenia In My Mind” from v1.0
Moviola - “Green Wood” from v2.0
Silo the Huskie - “D-C-G” from v1.0
Bob City - “Ghostship” from v2.0
Silencio - “10en” from v3.0
The Evil Queens - “Can’t Help It” from v3.0
Brainbow - “Great Revealer” from Brainbow II
Time and Temperature - “Fires Fair” from Trade
The Girls! - “Sophomore” from Let’s Not Be Friends
Envelope - “Clippers Vs. Yankees” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
Jordan O' Jordan - “Fingers Sprouting Feathers”
Kizzy Hall - “Forever Be” from A Touch of Kizz in the Night
Ipps - “U Need 2 Bleed” from Everything is Real
The Squares - “Real Brooklyn Killers” from Alive No Token Needed Volume 3
The Means - “Primitive” from Vil/Viol
Clay - “Sex Pot Stew” from Stories Of Kirk And His Fiat (And A Buffalo Grass Woman, Hester)
The Lindsay - “Abigail Folger” from Dragged Out

Download this podcast: pat_radio_Jan_19.mp3

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